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Your Car as a Tool for Enlightenment

The reason we can sometimes be termed ‘asleep’ (even when we’re wide awake) is that we tend to live by assumptions. And these assumptions act almost as a kind of hypnosis, so that we only see our assumptions, and no longer see the world as it really appears.

For instance, answer this question:

What Color Is Your Car?

Or more specifically, what color is the hood of your car? You can probably answer this question right away. It’s easy, right? Except that you’ve probably answered it wrong.

For instance, I might say that the hood of my car is dark blue. But is it? Take a look at your hood the next time you’re driving, and see what you see.

At any given time, I might be able to make out a little bit of dark blue color on my hood, but for the most part, it is light blue (reflecting the sky), and I can see the road in it and other cars. In fact, it’s full of color.

If you look around you the next time you’re driving, you’ll discover that almost every car you see is not a single color, but is a shifting pattern of colors – basically, cars have moving images, much like a television set, all over them! Trees, other vehicles, clouds, people, the road – all these images are moving over the surface of most cars on a constant basis.

Notice how your brain processes all of this. You’ll probably notice that our brains essentially ‘create’ a solid color where none exists.

Try This.

Next time you’re with a friend, point to a car that is full of colors and reflections. Ask your friend what color the car is, and see what they say. If they give the standard answer, ask them to look again. In rare instances, your friend might suddenly see all the colors that the car is actually reflecting. Hey – it might even be enough to trigger sudden enlightenment! You’ll be a bodhisattva, baby!

While you’re at it, it doesn’t hurt to ask yourself what else you see only as an assumption. Just what does the world really look like?

We’ll find that it’s surprisingly beautiful if we are able to see it without the veil of our assumptions. Take a look!

Yes, that too is self-evident. But please don’t impose it on me as an expectation of what constitutes my inclusion in the club of bodhisattvas incorporated. I belong as a legitimate offspring of Heavenly father simply just as I am. I neither need nor require any ones permission to be myself. as is recorded in the holy bible: “come unto me as you are for you are loved”.

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