yoga testimonials


“Your instruction really took Yoga and Meditation to a personal and self-motivated level for me. I began doing it by myself and for myself in a whole new way in my own home and at my own time. It is still great to go to class but I feel proud that I now do it daily as well and my postures are my own.”

“I started yoga and meditation with Christine in the hopes that I would be able to be come more in tune with my body and reduce my stress. Not only did I find that I could achieve what I was looking for, I found I learned a great deal more from Christine than I expected. She was able to bring the spiritual side of yoga to our practice and therefore allowed me to revisit my own belief system through my yoga practice. I also felt that Christine truly cared for the well being of her students: physically, emotionally and spiritually. Her approach was kind and non- judgmental. I have since decided to dedicate my life to the practice and the teaching of yoga. I continue to take inspiration from what I have learned from Christine and from her style of teaching.

I have studied with Christine in both private and group settings over a one year period. Christine was the most comprehensive teacher I have ever had. She brings ‘real’ experience, understanding, and excellent technical skills to her instruction through her intense Asana, Meditation, Philosophy, and Karma Yoga practice – a teaching which is informed by her time in India, and other Yoga oriented journeys. She is positive and empowering with her students. Christine is a phenomenal teacher and I hope that anyone who has the chance to study with her will give themselves this gift. I cannot recommend her more highly!”

“Christine’s teachings and guidance have opened me to yoga and given me a greater understanding of yoga as a way of life, not just an exercise program. She taught a balance of movement and stillness supported by voice and breath that stays with me even when I am not formally practicing yoga asanas. The learning has come in the stretch of muscle and tendon, the lengthening of my spine and the shape of my breath as it leads me deep into my body and out again into the world”

“Christine’s yoga and meditation have had a very positive effect on all aspects of my life and I highly recommend her to anyone considering practicing yoga. She is very knowledgeable about the poses and the philosophy behind yoga”

“Christine is a bright and shining star who guides her students along the path with compassion, laughter, and with the experience of dedication to her own spiritual pursuit. She has a large heart and a lot to offer those who choose to study with her; a true teacher and guide.

“What I enjoyed the most is the reconnection to a more spiritual aspect to yoga. I love the wisdom you impart within the lesson, the tolerant atmosphere, and the sense of peace that surrounds you. Your depth of knowledge of yoga and meditation is vast and varied. You have a unique background that lends itself well to teaching yoga and guiding others towards a more enlightened way of being.

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